Why are you even streaming?

I am forever thankful for people wanting to hang with me and I love my small community with all my heart <3

Honestly, I am not a young pretty girl and I have no 1337 gaming skillz, so why would I even want to be streaming, right?

For one, I don’t see the facts above as a rule to not be allowed to stream. I love gaming, always have since I can remember (and that was a long time ago!). My parents, for whatever reason, bought me a C64 and the original NES when it came out in Europe. Pretty sure they really regretted that later on but it has defined my life, both professionally and privately.

I am also a very social person but sometimes my health or my rl doesn’t allow me to go out. Streaming lets me do what I love while connecting with people and share my thoughts. It’s just THE perfect combo for me.



Stream Status

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offline Offline.


  • MON 9pm to 12pm CET
  • TUE-FRI 9pm to 12pm CET
  • SAT/SUN Offline


  • Give-Aways and Follower Goals
  • Info Chat Commands
  • Channel Emotes
  • Silly/Fun Chat Commands

Give-Aways and Follower Goals

What are raffles/give-aways

Every last Monday of each month I am doing a raffle during my stream on Twitch, where you can win a BIG art print of one of my artwork. There are four different prints you can choose from if you win. Naturally, you will have to make up your mind, let me know and also send me your snail mail address so I can send you the print. Did I mention they are PRETTY BIG?

Special Raffles/Give-Aways

For certain follower goals I am having special streams and give-aways. Since I am working in the gaming industry, follower goals give-aways will also include game giveaways and other goodies such as canvas prints of my art!
I might also do impromptu give-aways if there are quite a few viewers or a very active/fun chat 🙂

Entering the Raffles/Give-Aways

First of all, you’ll have to be in chat to enter the raffles. You will also need KyKys. KyKys will make it possible for you to buy one or several tickets for my give-aways. Obviously, the more tickets, the higher the chance to win a specific item. You can check the amount of Kykys you have by typing !KyKy in chat.  

Raffles will last for about an hour during my stream. During that time you have the opportunity to enter your name by typing !ticket amountofticketsyouwanttobuy    Your name will be entered once per ticket you bought for that specific raffle. By the end of the timer I will draw a name for the winner. Should the winner not be in chat during the draw I will draw a new name.

Give-aways might have different costs per ticket but generally the monthly give-aways have a ticket cost of 50 KyKys.

How to get KyKys

  • Follow me and my channel to get 100 KyKys to get you started right of the bat
  • Be in chat and active for gradually accumulating KyKys. You gain them no matter what, even if you lurk. However if you are active you will gain them slightly faster
  • Moderators have a slightly higher rate of gaining KyKys
  • You can play minigames such as Bankheist and bet your KyKys to hopefully get back more. Enter !bankheist numberofkykys  
  • Donating gets you five points per dollar 🙂

Channel Chat Commands

  • !uptime (tells you the overall time the stream has been online)
  • !following (tells you how long you’ve been part of the headless chicken army)
  • !bnet (My Battlnet ID for my group queue account)
  • !rank (lists my current rank in competitive Overwatch)
  • !social (Lists my social media channels on stream)
  • !youtube (links my  latest uploaded youtube video)
  • !brushes (links my downloadable photoshop brushes in chat)



Silly/Fun Chat Commands

  • !love username (to let you know what your changes are at love with a specific user)
  • !pun (my bot will tell you a super duper fun pun in chat Kappa)
  • !didyouknow (states random fact about me, because I am a totally self involved brat!)
  • !sorry (triggers the Mei “sorry” voiceline)
  • !bye (triggers a personal “good bye” from Winston and a chat line
  • !amazing username (triggers Mei’s amazing voice-line and tells someone they are amazing)
  • !giggle (triggers Tracer giggling)
  • !headshot (randomly shoots someone in the head – because, why not!)
  • !beer username (offers someone a beer (after you killed them, maybe?)
  • !bird username (flips your target the bird..ahem..)

Channel Emotes

(you need to have bttv installed)

  • KyHug
  • KyHeart
  • KyBuddy
  • KySad
  • KyConfused
  • KyPunch
  • KyMoogles
  • KyChamp
  • Mercy