It’s normal

NOT A GOOD PLACE I feel utterly exhausted fighting with fatigue. Sometimes I wonder what the difference is between depression and MS symptoms: feeling tired and exhausted by everything. Wanting to cry, feeling alone and misunderstood and just incredibly sad. Not ready to take on the world. When my symptoms flare up I start to be disconnected ... More

Remember, that MS thing?

So yeah. It has been a few years since I was diagnosed with MS. About a year (and two episodes) after the diagnosis I was so fed up with feeling tired and weak and not in control over my body that I started doing Beachbody workouts. It's a somewhat old story but you can read up on it here. Ever since then I never let go of theses workouts. ... More

Solu-Medrol Treatment and its side-effects

Not all blog posts can be positive, especially since I pride myself writing about all my experiences so skip this if you are really not in the mood for some not-so-fun MS issues :) Either way, here are a few tips that normally worked for me to take some of the Solu-Medrol side-effects in check: More

Rebif side effects wake-up call

It's so easy to forget about an illness if you do well which might be dangerous in some cases. Rebif side-effects can be a good wake-up call. More

Goodbye 2011 – hello 2012

2011 was a tough year. Leaving Greece and a lot of friends, learning a new language and getting acquinted are just a few of the challenges I had to face. I won't list all of them here because they are plenty but the biggest challenge was and still is, finding a new pace for my schedules and day to day plans. Norway has a completely different ... More

New years push-up challenge!

Bit of a break with hardly any updates (shame on me) but to kick it off with a bang I decided on a New Years challenge! In order to get ready for my P90X2 round starting in January I want you to challenge, help (or torture depending on if you like or hate me ;)): Every retweet my recent push-up challenge tweet in my Twitter gets means one ... More

Totally up-do-date

I got a super duper advanced new injection device for my tri-weekly Rebif Injection called Rebismart! It's not only much easier to handle it's also much more convenient for travelling. More

That time of year

There seems to always be a time frame in the year where just everything goes wrong. You struggle and no matter what there is always something that happens which seems to make everything worse. It's this time when you feel that the universe is just having a go at you by throwing everything it can your way. More

Moving and such

I felt a bit down after the move, not so much because I do not like it here but because I wasn't able to work out in almost over a month now. It also seems more complicated to make it work and I won't have the same nice space in front of the TV like I used to. All this made me a bit cranky. More

Early Morning thoughts

I was sitting here in front of my computer, getting ready for work after I just had some yummie Cottages Cheese with sweet fresh strawberries mixed in with my supplements. The last part got an unexpected addition recently, in the form of Juice Plus Capsules: I wanted to gift P90X to a friend who tried through a great deal of hassle to order it and in turn she surprised me with a whole ratio of Juice Plus. More