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About me, myself and I

I am a proud Geek. Hands up if you like Geeks and if not, you need to raise your standards!

Hello, my name is Tascha or Kyena or Kyky and I am a Browncoat. Originally from Switzerland but currently living in Norway with my Norwegian Boyfriend.

I am a lover of all things geek and gaming and have actually worked in the gaming industry longer than I can remember (a true testament to my age (41!)). I adore horror games and I am adorably bad (that’s a thing right?) at FPS games.

I do like to think FPS is half of the reason that I am able to consistently headbutt my Multiple Sclerosis in the face (currently I take two doses of Overwatch per day as prescribed before meals).

The other half is a crazy workout regimen that I maintain if only to prove that I can! Oh, I also paint, digitally. No, that doesn’t mean pushing a button and magic happens. DansGame


Free Downloads

Some files may play/stream/display when you try to download them depending on your browser settings. If this happens and you prefer to download instead please right click download button and select "Save destination as..."

Ky's Photoshop Brushes

The brushes I use 90% of the time. Ask me in Discord or on Stream if you are unsure on how to use them. Just load the .abr file from within Photoshop (load brushes).

Mei Overwatch Fanart

This is a transparent PNG of Mei from Overwatch. Perfectly fit for Stream Overlays, Panel use or wherever you see fit. if you would like some changes as in no border or different colored border, let me know.